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Your privacy is vitally important at Web Design Melbourne.

Our company name suggests a solution to problems. These might be newly arisen, elements of business strategy and activities that are new to your company, institution or organisation. Equally, you might be initiating contact with our talented and committed Web Design Melbourne team as the result of an unfortunate experience with other companies in our field, ones where unrealistic promise always far exceeded actual delivery. Either way, we appreciate that, right from the start of our relationship, you will almost certainly feel that the element of trust will override so many other considerations.

This is why it is an overarching element of all our actions. It’s also why, in this section, you will discover our clear commitment to ethical behaviours and accepted and proven business practices. This holds true as we design superbly effective ecommerce websites, and deliver the levels of lead generation and high conversion rates you require. We ensure your business, like our own, is fully compliant with the latest Search Engine Optimisation techniques and industry best practices.

We also undertake hugely detailed website, SEO and Google Adwords Audits to highlight areas for improvement, and suggest relevant actions, as you undertake key online marketing programs. For all of the above, we need a trusted sharing of key and private business information. It’s our commitment always to handle your information in compliance with the requirements of the 2000 Privacy Act and the National Privacy Principles. Here’s how we work to achieve this…

Our range of key actions and commitments regarding your information.

As we both store and use your information on our Web Design Melbourne databases, you can be assured that access will only be available to those in our organisation who have clearly defined and fully valid business reasons for taking such a course of action

The confidential business information you allow us to access will never be sold, given away, or bartered to any other group, individual or party. The only exception to this is for specific situations where you have expressly and clearly agreed, within clearly defined parameters, for us to do so for agreeable and specific business reasons

There are occasional situations where our Web Design Melbourne team might establish contact with the aim of providing you with key details of specific opportunities or offers which could prove to be of great value in promoting or conducting your business activities

Web Design Melbourne will not send any spam or unsolicited email, we both receive more than enough of that from elsewhere!

We do make use of cookies within our website. Doing so, with your permission, means that these cookies will be stored in your computer. You are always free to remove or refuse such permission. Alternatively, you can program your device to alert you when cookies are being used. Our team will also usually recommend the use of cookies on your website, allowing us and you to gather information regarding the use of your website by its visitors

We ask you to provide the details necessary, such as your preferred email address and telephone number, to allow us to create your Private Online Identifier. This allows you to confidentially access our Web Design Melbourne services and for us to contact you using your preferred methods

Key processes are in place to allow us to detect any malicious, fraudulent or other actions harmful to our web presence. These include the logging and construction of effective audit trails throughout our site

We also work to understand how visitors choose to first access and then use our website. To gain such insights, we collect key data, and then undertake complex analyses of it. This information covers key areas such as the times people choose to visit. Once they have arrived, we also then track how they journey through our Web Design Melbourne website.

It’s worth mentioning that many of the above actions which we ourselves take are likely to form part of our Web Design Melbourne recommendations to you, to help improve the effectiveness and security of your own online presence.

How we need your help with these security actions and processes.

Having emphasised the importance of effective security measures, can we also ask for your help? It’s important, for both our companies, that the information we hold about you is always up-to-date. Therefore, can you please notify us of any changes; it’s also useful to check the confidential information we have about you, and again let us know as quickly as you can of any amendments which we should make. Thanks.

Contacting our Web Design Melbourne Team.

To advise of any changes, as mentioned above, it’s easy to contact our experienced and helpful team. Simply call 1300 912 950, email or complete our Contact Us form. Apart from actual changes, we are happy to answer any questions you might have about the processes we use. If you are unsure of any areas, or require more information, we ‘re ready to help. The information on this page acts only as a clear and simple introduction to the subject of privacy and security.

Secure Web Design Melbourne services – how they can help your business or organisation.

You want your web presence to be a secure and vibrant asset in both lead generation and then conversion. Our team have reviewed more than four thousand websites, and are ready to carry out this action for yours. We identify those key gaps in current activity, brand awareness, positioning in comparison to key competitors, and offer practical and proven ways to successfully plug them. Our Web Design Melbourne experts have also designed over four hundred sites, covering a wealth of categories and businesses, many institutions and organisations of all types and needs. The strategy we adopt uses WordPress and WooCommerce to build your visibility, but in a secure and SEO compliant way, acceptable to the key search engines such as Google.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Privacy page. Please contact us now to discuss how we can, securely, move your web presence to its next level, and beyond.